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Wimberley Info
Wimberley Info was created to provide an up to date resource for tourists and members of the community! On the podcast you can expect interviews with everyone from city officials and business owners to authors and writers and everything in between. You will also get to hear our reviews of some of the local spots and sometimes the opinions of the poor sap that was just trying to eat while we were recording. Sometimes we will even talk to the employees so you can get all the angles!

On our website wimberley.info we will list the best sights, service providers, and businesses in our community in our directory as well as keeping up with local events!

In short, Wimberley Info serves as a place to simplify the process of joining our community by providing information about Wimberley, Texas and it's many amenities and tourist attractions.

We can also help match you with a real estate agent to get you listings that fit your criteria when you are ready!

Welcome to Wimberley!

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Djemilah Birnie

Djemilah Birnie is a multiple times best selling author, speaker, and mentor. She is passionate about helping others step into their greatest potential by creating the habits and routines that serve them personally and the systems that serve them professionally.